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·Chinese Characters Course:

Chinese Characters Course will introduce the origin, development and the standard writing of Chinese characters, as well as the pronunciations, structures and meanings. And exercises on characters, phrase and sentence levels are provided.

·Target Groups:
This course is designed to help Chinese beginners coming from non-Chinese Character-culture to master characters effectively.


Leaning Chinese Characters From Ms. Zhang

Chinese Characters Course:
Dates: 21 September - 19 December 2020 ( 13 weeks )
Day and time: Every Monday, 18:30 – 21:30 Cost: €130 for 13 weeks course | €100 for KU Leuven staff and students

·Class Form:

All the courses will be conducted online.

Online registration. The courses start with a minimum of 3 registrations.
If you are interested, please sign up before September 18, 2020.
Bank Account:
Account: BE24 7360 3017 4138 Name: Confucius Institute AT GROUP T - Academy BIC: KREDBEBB
Reference: Chinese Characters Course

At the end of the course, Confucius Institute at GROUP T - Academy will issue the course certificates to the students who have at least 70% attendance in the registered course.

·More information and contact us:
Tel: +32 16 30 11 24

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