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Chinese Courses for Summer 2023



1. Introduction

2. Curricula

3. Schedule

4. Program Features

5. Registration & Fees

6. Instructor’s Profile

7. Registration conditions

8. More Information






Welcome to join us at Confucius Institute @GROUP T - Academy in Leuven to explore the charm of Chinese language this summer. Spending 2-4 weeks learning Chinese language while getting a taste of Chinese culture, you won’t regret it! From 3 July to 28 July, we will be with you to experience the beauty of Chinese language and culture, and you will get fascinated by the rich variety of courses we provide you.



Based on the individual needs of the learners, we offer:


2.1 Tour of Chinese Cities


Target Group: Learners of Chinese language at HSK 1 Level who want to either visit China in the future or recall the experience of travelling in major Chinese cities.  

Course Description: This course will introduce basic information of 8 major Chinese cities, especially their characteristics. The course will cover 80% vocabularies and grammars required by HSK 2 (equivalent to A2 level). It will also help the students to improve their skills in listening and speaking Chinese language.

Objectives: After the completion of the course, you will get familiar with the 8 major Chinese cities and be able to talk about these cities in mandarin. Prepare you for HSK 2 Level and help you to improve Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  


2.2 Practical Chinese


Target Group: Learners of Chinese language who want to learn some basic and practical Chinese or who want to review your basic knowledge and skills.  

Content: In this course, students will learn the pronunciation and tones of commonly used words, basic grammars and sentence structures for use in essential everyday situations.

Objectives: After the completion of the course, the students can understand and use simple Chinese phrases to communicate. The course will lay a solid foundation for further studies of Chinese language.



2.3 A Glimpse of Chinese Culture


Target Group: Learners of Chinese at HSK2 level (equivalent to A2 level) or above, who want to learn more about Chinese culture and experience the culture activities, the same time improve their Chinese language skills.

Content: This course offers a brief introduction to traditional Chinese festivals, including the customs and different ways of celebrating these festivals in the past and present. The course will also provide you opportunities to experience some interesting cultural activities related to the festivals. Participants will also learn around 50% of vocabularies and grammars required by HSK3 Test.  

Objectives: After the completion of the course, you will get to know more about traditional Chinese festivals, especially you will know how they got changed over the time. You will also grasp some artistic talents related to the traditional festivals. The course will prepare you for HSK3 level and help you boost your confidence in listening and speaking Chinese.


2.4 Chinese Characters Course


Target Group: Learners who have some basic knowledge of Chinese language (HSK1 Level) and want to study Chinese characters in a systematic way.

Content: The course will focus on the origin and development Chinese characters, including the six categories of Chinese characters, simplification and phonetic method of characters, calligraphy appreciation of Chinese calligraphy, practice calligraphy every day.

Objectives: At the end of the course, you will unlock the secret behind Chinese characters and learn how to memorize them in an easy way. Moreover, you will also gain some basic knowledge about Chinese calligraphy and know how to perform it.


2.5 Preparation Courses for HSK Test


Target Group: Learners who want to acquire effective test-taking techniques for HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 test in a limited time.

Content: Introduction to HSK test, test-taking techniques in listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Objectives: At the end of the course, you will know better about HSK test system, and you are able to boost your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for HSK test.



2.6 Chinese Handicrafts Experiencing Course


Target Group: Learners who are interested in Chinese Handicrafts Culture, and want to experience different Chinese handicrafts, to make their own works.

Content: Introduction to 7 different Chinese handicrafts and how to make them.

Objectives: At the end of the course, you will know the basic information of 7 Chinese handicrafts and how to make them. You will make your own work during the course and take them away.



Monday to Friday, 15 hours in total.














*Final schedule will be updated according to the registration.




4.1 Interactive Learning     

You will be Interaction with our experienced teachers in real classroom or live-streaming classes, in a dynamic class atmosphere. The teachers will track each students’ progress, provide in-time feedback and guidance in class and after class.


4.2 Variety of Teaching Modes

Instructor will employ a variety of innovative teaching methods to engage students. The course will be presented with the aid of multi-media technology to enhance the leaners experience of learning.


4.3 Flexible Learning Mode

We adopt blended learning mode, including both online leaning and in-class learning, so you can choose to learn either in the classroom or via zoom. It’s very flexible! We will provide the recorded classroom videos for you to replay at anytime and anywhere.


4.4 Small Group

The number of students for one course will not be more than 10, so every students will have more opportunities to practice in the class and improve faster.


4.5 Certificate

After completion of the course, Confucius Institute at GROUP T - Academy will issue the study certificates to the students who have at least 70% attendance in the registered course.




Online registration.

Register link:


Registration fee for all the summer courses will be reduced by 50%.

1. Tour of Chinese Cities: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

2. Practical Chinese: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

3. A Glimpse of Chinese Culture: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

4. Chinese Characters: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

5. Preparation Course for HSK3: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

6. Preparation Course for HSK4: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

7. Preparation Course for HSK5: €75  (50% off of the original €150)

8. Chinese Handicrafts Experiencing Course: €75  (50% off of the original €150)


Bank Account:

Account: BE24 7360 3017 4138

Name: Confucius Institute AT GROUP T - Academy



Extra Benefit

Discount: If you enroll in any of our summer course, you will get a 20% discount of your tuition for your next Chinese course provided in Fall 2023 semester.

Free books: We provide free textbooks or learning materials for students who enroll in summer courses.




Chinese teacher: Ms. Heng Li, native speaker, holder of the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Master in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in 2012, Soochow University, Suzhou, China. 10 years of experience in teaching Chinese for international students from beginning level to high level in Universities, Language Schools and international programs in China, Thailand, South Korea, America.     


She is good at creating a relaxing and pleasant learning atmosphere where students are highly motivated and inspired to learn Chinese spontaneously. She would focus on the characters of the students, make studying Chinese effective, systematic and fun!





1. Chinese Language Level needs to match the level of the course or similar to the level. (If you are not sure about your level, it’s possible to try one lesson.)

2. Age: More than 12 years old.

  (One exception- Chinese Handicrafts Experiencing Course: more than 8 years old.)





Tel: +32 499 78 18 61/ +32 16 30 11 24

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